The Why

The Inspiration Behind Closer Than You Know

“I want a big kid game,” he said. I had told him that turning five meant “big kid” stuff, like putting his own plate in the dishwasher, so I should have seen this coming, too. Besides, we had a tradition every Friday to get a new game on the iPad and play it together. It was a tougher tradition to keep at that point, with little brother crawling, but that made it all the more important to me. We searched the app store for something that met his criteria for a “big kid” game—and my criteria for something “good for your heart” (bonus points if it could be played independently)—but we found only a handful of options. Most of them we had already played.


I told my big kid we’d look more later and jumped in the shower—where all the best thinking happens. (And with 5-year- and 18-month-old boys, the shower is sometimes my only quiet 10 minutes of the day.) I was thinking about what a “big kid game” would look like. A big story? Big quests and adventures? My kids love to act out the game stories. It would be great if it was more than just saving some damsel in distress. Something real. I thought about my own story. There are parts of my story that are really fun and full of adventure, but it's the hard stuff that taught me who God really is.   

Writing down my idea for a story led to some research, which led to a conference, which led to meeting some amazing people in the game development world, and before we knew it, my husband and I had embarked on an adventure of our own: making a “big kid” video game for young kids. It’s a story about a young girl from another planet who searches Earth for a mythical king she’s heard about but doesn’t really know. She has fun adventures and makes unforgettable friends, but she also faces hard things. And in the end…well, you’ll just have to discover it for yourself. :)