The Game: The Opening Story

"Hi, I'm Sam. There’s a story we tell on my planet…about how things used to be—how they’re supposed to be. Most people say it’s just a story, but something tells me there’s more. I’d prove it if I could.


Once upon a time, Planet Granica was filled with magic. A gem called Prismidian allowed Granicans to use magic for...just about everything. Not only did Granica have magic, it had a king, too—a man named Casimir. King Casimir gave Prismidian to all who wanted it, and life on Granica was awesome. But it didn’t stay that way. The king’s royal advisor, Sigrath, craved the magic for himself. His jealousy spread like a virus, until one day Sigrath betrayed Casimir in the worst possible way. He convinced his people that as long as they had Prismidian, they didn’t need the king. Led by Sigrath, the people stormed the castle and banished Casimir to the stars. But without magic—without Casimir—Granica suffered. Sigrath used up every bit of Prismidian he could find, but he couldn’t make more, and his greed finally got the better of him. It’s been 400 years since then, and Granica still suffers. Most people don’t even believe the story anymore. But most days it’s all I can think about. You see, legend has it that when Casimir was sent away, he lit up the sky with a promise that one day he’d return. Now, every year on the darkest, coldest night of winter, you can see them. Not in the city—but if you take the midnight ferry into the center of the lake…Colors like you can only imagine, swirling around in shapes and patterns, almost like they’re alive! For one minute in the whole year, Granica is just as it should be. I never miss it—until tonight..."