Our Studio

So Peculiar, LLC

So Peculiar, LLC is passionate about creating games that are exciting and engaging for all ages, while also being positive and uplifting.


As a parent I appreciate the impact that games have on my kids. That's why I make games that both kids and parents can get excited about. My children love to immerse themselves in big adventures. Long after the controllers are put down, they play in the imaginary worlds of their favorite games.


When my 5-year-old asked to get a "big kid" game for his birthday, he and I set out to find one that met both his criteria for a "big kid" game and mine for something that was "good for the heart." There were very few choices--even fewer when we considered games that he could play independently. I wanted a solution, but I had no idea that I'd eventually find myself running my own independent studio to fill that need. 

With the help of some incredibly talented folks, we are getting closer to our first release. I'm excited to be on this adventure, and I look forward sharing our progress with you. Keep in touch!